Packet Stellar and opinions on the internet?

The Stellar packet is met with varying opinions on the internet. There are both positive and hater comments. Why is that?

The packet with Stellar cryptocurrency is a quite innovative project, which is sometimes being misunderstood by some clients. Especially those, who after receiving the card with stellar access code see it as just a bunch of numbers, not realising it’s an important login, which enables them to log into the account where their cryptocurrency is stored. This is caused by their lack of understanding of the product. In this situation we make sure that our clients are fully aware of the nature of the packet and kept informed via the electronic mail.

It also happens that stellar packet is met with very negative opinions, almost hate. It is usually due to the actions taken by the competition, who try to badmouth the product. In this case we do not care for a pointless discussion on a public forum, but a collaboration with professional investment portals, who have a positive attitude towards our product. Thanks to this an opinion of a professional redactor is worth more than just an anonymous comment on a forum.